Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love Monday Night Football!

Okay so, I don’t love Monday Night Football; However, I have grown accustomed to it. Ladies, the truth is that if you want to spend any sort of time with any man on a Monday, you have got to get interested in the game! It’s not always easy, I mean id rather be watching Lifetime or the Food Network but I have found the fun in Monday Night Football!
The commercials are particularly entertaining! My favorite is the ESPN College Gameday commercial, where Lee Corso uses a typewriter to spread his word, rather than social media outlets…”Run, go tell the people this”, what a tag line!
In addition to the commercials, the food is a great part of Monday Night Football! Nachos, chicken wings, pop (soda for you east coast people) and ice cream sundaes!!! Mmmm good!
So let’s see, we have:
1)     Quality time with the man in your life
2)     Great commercials,
3)     Amazing food and drinks
What am I leaving out?
…Oh the commentators!
How could I forget about Jon Gruden?! Gruden is hands down, my favorite commentator! The excitement and sheer joy he brings to NFL commentating would prompt any uninterested girl to see what the buzz surrounding Monday Night Football is about!

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