Monday, December 6, 2010

Sports Live Here

The fondest memories of my childhood stem from long weekend travels with my parents, spent with hours in the car reading, writing, coloring, and letting my imagination run wild! As an adult, I still enjoy traveling and although, I fly rather than drive, I still take time to explore each city I visit and get to know a little about its sports environment.
Below are a few of my favorite cities to travel to and enjoy sporting events in:
·        Houston, TX
·        Chicago, IL
·        Kansas City, MO
·        Atlanta, GA
·        Chapel Hill, NC
I recommend you all visit these cities and take a moment to enjoy a sporting event! Whether it is a basketball, football, or baseball game, you are sure to enjoy yourself! After all…Sports Live Here!  

Sports Style

As this year’s collegiate football season comes to an end, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on this season’s best-dressed college football teams. Now yes, it is important to play well, but hey what’s wrong with looking good while you do it?
Below are my top 5 best-dressed NCAA football teams:
  • Oregon
  • Georgia
  • University of Kansas
  • Ole Miss
  • Auburn University

Glory Road

This past weekend was filled with tons of great college football and even though there were a few upsets (sorry South Carolina fans) there were also a few great underdog success stories! One in particular more great than all the rest!
One word, two syllables! AUBURN! Now I have to admit, prior to this year’s stellar season and NFL-like performance by Cam Newton when someone said “War Eagle” let’s just say football isn’t the first thing that came to mind. This team has truly had a great season and a Glory Road like no other; despite the scandal surrounding Cam Newton and the tough competition they faced in the SEC Conference, this team has earned every bit of praise and has defined the meaning of rising to the top!
Congratulations to Cam Newton and Auburn University!!
WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J